Cover1Amy Reeder and Brandon Montclare are no strangers to kickstarter, having successfully made Halloween Eve in 2012 using the crowdfunding website. Now they are upping the ante by launching a regular series through kickstarter. Here they talk about the genesis and collaborative process behind Rocket Girl.

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SSMTEAM2013002-colWell, what used to be his studio. Before moving out to San Francisco Paolo took some time to document what he uses in his studio. And he is very thorough. Paolo has one of the coolest studios I have had the privilege of seeing, mostly on account of how he uses magnets. You heard me right, MAGNETS. Check out the video and then follow the link to his blog post which lists out many of the tools he uses so you can get them yourself.

For a sense of history here is what his studio was like in his Brooklyn days. part one & part two

via Paolo Rivera’s blog

With a flashback to a certain comic creator’s unforgettable jeans commercial, creator Chris Giarrusso has put out a promotional video for his G-Man series of comics published by Image. Definitely worth the look.


ReederFan favorite artist Amy Reeder talks about her experiences in comics while at NYCC 2012.

You can follow Amy’s exploits at her blog.

CPR_detailMy current favorite artist, Jeremy Bastian, talks at length about his creative process and tools of the trade while at NYCC 2012.