aSuperman2LSeriously, that is what he needs help with. Joe Phillips is a long time fan-favorite artist, whose work has graced the pages of all the major publishers. He’s also diabetic. Recently he suffered complication from the disease and his foot was amputated below the knee. He’s having trouble covering his medical bills to get a prosthetic foot. You can help by donating to a fundraiser organized by his friend Cully Hamner. This is a good cause for someone in need of our help. If you can throw a few dollars his way it would go a long way. If not please take a minute to share with your rich friends.

Click here to donate.

super_friends__by_yalestewart-SMALLOne of my favorite webcomics creators, Yale Stewart, took some time to talk about his career and his process of making comics.

With Fantagraphics’ recent Kickstarter campaign, longtime indie comics publisher Gary Groth had to adapt his skills to sell in a whole new arena. And he did it successfully smashing through their goal. Find out how.

eastwest8-coverWhile literally running between events at NYCC this year, award-winning writer Jonathan Hickman (Fantastic Four, Avengers, East of West) talks about his craft and how he got into the business of making comic books.

SSMTEAM2013005-ink-dtlWe’ve featured artist Paolo Rivera before on this site, but he’s at it again, this time making an epic three part video on how to be an amazing inker. It’s a real treat full of classic technique and inside info. Below are all three videos. Note that you should definitely click on the links as well as he posted some written materials with examples alongside the videos.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3