Once a staple of pen & ink hand lettering, the Ames Guide is no longer a part of the day to day lettering, with digital lettering taking over.  But take a trip down memory lane, or find out what you missed!

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Art Thibert has been inking comics since the 80′s. Here he talks about his current process for inking comics, incorporating some digital processes among his traditional methods. He also talks about his relationship with the pencillers and what that collaboration is like.

Art Thibert talks about his Inking Process from The Comic Archive on Vimeo.

Here we see Stan “The Man” Lee seeing some original artwork from his early days writing the Fantastic Four.

Maddalena had gotten his hands on the original artwork to Fantastic Four #12 from 1963, which featured the first meeting of the Hulk and the Fantastic Four and is apparently the first crossover in the Marvel Universe ever.

The thing that astonished Lee the most? His own notes scribbled along the margins of the artwork, which he considers just as rare as the artwork itself, since they were usually erased.

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Just a reminder for those folks who like to watch videos on youtube, The Comic Archive has a channel there which has almost all our videos.

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When Denny O’Neil came onto the Batman books with Neal Adams the two revamped the character, striping away the campy tone that had crossed over from the Batman TV show with Adam West.  Here Denny talks about what it was like working on the book and what they were going for.

Denny O’Neil talks about Batman in the 70′s with Neal Adams from The Comic Archive on Vimeo.