Phil Jimenez has been making comics for a living for 20 years, first starting when he was 21. Over the course of his career his style and skills have changed and improved and adapted. Here he talks about evolving as an artist.

The Evolution of Phil Jimenez’s Art from The Comic Archive on Vimeo.

Diamond Distributors, the main distributors of print comics, announced today that they are adding a digital arm. Dubbed “Diamond Digital” this will allow brick & mortar retailers to sell digital comics. From Bleeding Cool:

First, participating comics will be sold day and date exclusively through comic shop websites only, for thirty days, for $1.99. You won’t be able to get them digitally without going through a comics shop for that period.

And second, people who buy the hard copy of a comic wil be able to download a digital version… for 99 cents.

Which turns a $3.99 hard copy comic to $4.99 for hard copy and digital. I’m not exactly sure how successful that will be.

But all a retailer needs to participate is a store, an internet connection and a printer.

Diamond Digital will debut in July and currently signed-on publishers include the program include Ape Entertainment, Archie Comics, Aspen Comics, Bluewater Productions, Broadsword Comics, Hermes Press, IDW Publishing, Moonstone Comics, NBM Publishing, Papercutz, Red 5 Comics, Studio Foglio, Titan Books, TOKYOPOP, Top Cow Productions and Top Shelf Productions.

Personally is an approach I never thought of, but does mirror what many movie studios do, bundling digital copies of movies along with the physical discs.  Time will tell which options become most appealing to the comics buying public.

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For 20 years Phil Jimenez has been entertaining comics readers.  And for 20 years he’s been using some of the same tools.  Here he talks about exactly what those tools are as well as what you can find in his work space on any given day.

Phil Jimenez on Tools and Drawing Tables from The Comic Archive on Vimeo.

Over at Robot 6, Ted Adams of IDW talks about the publisher’s digital initiatives and where things stand. While they are seeing new readership from the new digital distribution it hasn’t effected their print sales. Even still IDW is emphatically deciding not to publish digital book day and date with their print counterparts. Ted Adams:

We’re not going to have a universal day and date release for our comic books. I know that it’s something that direct market retailers don’t want to see happen, and wherever we can, we’re going to be respectful to that. As I said before, the direct market is far and away our biggest and most important market.

It is good to see publishers pushing new distributions arms, but sad to see the fear of losing their print sales.  Whether this is an imaginary fear or a reality to deal with remains to be seen.

The full article can be read HERE.

Current Adventure Comics artist Phil Jimenez recounts his love of comics growing up and his decision to pursue it as a career and how he made it all happen. A must see for all aspiring artists.

Phil Jimenez’s Road to Comic Books from The Comic Archive on Vimeo.