Paolo Rivera has enjoyed a long career at Marvel Comics starting out with them when he was still in art school.  Here is his story of how exactly he got into the comics biz.

Joe Quesada makes sure to periodically step away from the editorial desk to get back to his artistic roots with an occasional mini-series or cover art. Recently he drew the cover to Venom #1. Over on his twitter feed he gave readers a behind the scenes look at what he did and the fine folks at Comics Alliance brought it all together for us. Enjoy!

Kevin Nowlan is an artist whose work inspires and terrifies at the same time. I always think “how did he do that?” He’s back drawing interiors for the upcoming Hellboy: Buster Oakley Gets His Wish. I for one cannot wait for this. Over at Newsarama they sat down with the famed artist to talk about this new project and he spilled a few beans on the creative process for this one.  Here’s an excerpt:

Newsarama: I read an interview with Mike Mignola where he described how he asked you to do this book. What made it a project you wanted to do, Kevin?

Kevin Nowlan: We were sitting around talking after a convention in Birmingham, England and he started telling me about the story he had in mind. It’s always fun listening to Mike tell a story.

Sometimes, when a writer describes a plot to me, I sit there and fret about how hard it’ll be to work out all those drawing problems. A writer can describe things in three words that’ll take an artist a week to draw. But Mike’s stories seem to be “artist-friendly”. He mentioned several of the main plot points and I thought about how much fun it would be to draw.

Nrama: How much exactly did Mike give you to work with before you went off drawing the book?

Nowlan: He gave me a detailed plot. It was broken down page by page, panel by panel. He described the layouts and had some sample dialog. It wasn’t a Stan Lee plot.

Nrama: What was it like for you to be able to work in Marvel style, breaking down the page descriptions into panels on your own?

Nowlan:I loved it! It might be hard for me to go back to working from a full script now.

Click HERE for the full interview.

Defining your job responsibility is easy for most people, they can just look at their job description.   But defining the creative challenges and responsibilities of a comic book artist and storyteller can be a little more challenging.  Here Marvel Comics artist Paolo Rivera talks about what he does and what his job really is.

While Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse was cut short on tv, it stil lives on in the form of a comic!  Dark Horse will be publishing more adventures in the Dollhouse world.  And cover artist Phil Noto has shared some of his sketches that lead to the final image you will see on the Dollhouse One Shot.

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