Orc Stain is currently one of my favorite books on the shelf.  So it was a great feeling when a friend of mine passed on a link to a free issue of Murder Bullets, a story James did a few years back.  He’s posted it on his website in all its JPEG glory.  If you have a few moments hop over there and enjoy some good ole comic book.  Just a heads up that a bit of it is a little NSFW.

Click HERE to read Murder Bullets.

Thanks to Alex Horwitz!

Over at Bleeding Cool there is a video of P. Craig Russell showing off some jaw droppingly gorgeous pages that he has been working on for a now-cancelled Spirit anthology.

Manhattan Comics & More opened its doors recently at 23rd street and Madison Ave in midtown New York. Here co-owner Gary Esposito talks about what it’s like running the shop.


Jeff Smith, known best for his epic series “Bone”, inks a panel from “Shazam!: The Monster Society of Evil”. Jeff is one of my favorite cartoonists out there.

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Phil Jimenez talks about that special relationship between comic book penciller and inker. Two artists working in tandem to create something more than the sum of their parts.