With a flashback to a certain comic creator’s unforgettable jeans commercial, creator Chris Giarrusso has put out a promotional video for his G-Man series of comics published by Image. Definitely worth the look.

via http://chrisgcomics.com

ReederFan favorite artist Amy Reeder talks about her experiences in comics while at NYCC 2012.

You can follow Amy’s exploits at her blog.

CPR_detailMy current favorite artist, Jeremy Bastian, talks at length about his creative process and tools of the trade while at NYCC 2012.

Comics creator Jason Little gave a talk at Blue HIVE Studios’ Dare2Draw at the Society of Illustrators in New York City about the history and technique behind 3D comics. Here it is in its entirety.

3D images can be enjoyed using anaglyph glasses (those red and blue ones) and viewing in HD mode.

For more information on Jason go here: http://www.beecomix.com/

For more information on Dare2Draw NYC go here: http://www.bigcitydare2draw.com/

Fan favorite writer/artist Ross Campbell talks about his process and career in comics while at NYCC.