Reading coming is something that inspires a lot of dedication from the legions of people who read. Fearless Dawn creator Steve Mannion talks about his relationship with the fans of his book.

Whether it is his work on Wonder Woman or the X-Men, Phil Jimenez remains a favorite artist of many comic book fans. But what you can’t see in his work is that Phil balances diabetes every day of his life.

Produced in support of National Diabetes Awareness Month 2014 and the JDRF’s Thunderclap initiative. If you want to help Phil and the rest of diabetes sufferers around the globe please click here to help spread the word through social media.

One of the most basic and wonderful questions every comics creator can answer is what they love about the medium they have devoted their lives to. Steve Mannion, creator of Fearless Dawn, gives an amazing and heartfelt answer.

There are many avenues for creating and distributing a comic book these days, from print-on-demand to comixology. Here Steve Mannion talks about his decision to start producing his Fearless Dawn series through print-on-demand. A must see for any aspiring creators.

Most of the comic book industry relies on freelance artists and writers to create the books we read every month. Fearless Dawn creator Steve Mannion talks about when he decided to take the plunge and go freelance, quitting a staff job in DC Comics’ bullpen.