Todd Klien is easily one of the top of his field.  Lettering is a subtle and overlooked artform that greatly contributes to the experience of reading a comic.  On his blog Todd has taken time to look at the evolution of “Strange Adventures”, a DC book of yesteryear. At the end of the 1940s super-hero […]

The folks over at Comics Alliance have been doing a really wonderful job reporting on digital comics distribution.  David Brothers spent some time looking at comicxology’s sales numbers and compared them with print sales figure.  The results are very interesting and show a definite divide between the two areas of comics distribution. A quick glance […]

Alex Alonso has been working as an editor for some time, and during that tenure he has had a hand in many of my favorite comics.  I am very happy to hear of this promotion to EIC.  What’s interesting is to see that there seems to be a division of labor between himself and Joe […]

A quick demo of comic book lettering for the indie anthology “A Fistful of Comics”. Lettering in Adobe Illustrator writer and letterer Mike Furth shows the basics of how he approaches lettering. Fistful of Lettering from The Comic Archive on Vimeo.


I was on a subway heading uptown during the holidays in ’09 checking email on my phone. A few weeks earlier I had written an email to an inker who wrote a great book on inking, wondering if he ever had any plans for more volumes of the book. An update or something to deal […]