Celebrating the launch of the “new 52″ Wonder Woman, artist Cliff Chiang stopped by Bergen Street Comics in Brooklyn, NY to show off his original pages and sign copies of the first issue.

Read the issue at Comixology.

Music courtesy of Kris Kaczor.

Dean Haspiel teamed up with writer Tim Hall to create a webcomic for tor.com. Find out about the process that went on behind closed doors as these veteran creators work together to create “The Last Mortician”.

Before you watch the making of, hop over to tor.com read the full comic.

Dean was also kind enough to share a couple of the pencils from the work.

Music courtesy of Kris Kaczor.

While in between signings for his new book, “Habibi”, writer/artist Craig Thompson took a few minutes to talk about his tools of the trade and his career in comics.

Every creator has their first “big break”. Here artist Khary Randolph, whose current work can be seen in “Starborn” and Charismagic”, talks about his first professional work.

While getting formal training is not always the course comic book artists take, it is definitely a great way to hone your skills. Here “Starborn” and “Charismagic” artist Khary Randolph talks about his experiences at the School of Visual Arts in New York City.