Bleeding Cool has reported that comics veteran Joe Kubert has passed.

I can’t claim that I was close with Joe Kubert; we never worked together; I didn’t attend his school; but I can say that he was one of the kindest and most giving individuals I had the great honor of meeting. Back before this site had even launched I was looking around, contacting anyone who I thought might give an upstart like me the time of day. One of my emails went out to Joe. He got right back to me. We didn’t meet right away, he was “kinda jammed up with work” at the time. But I waited a month, and got back in touch with him and before I knew it I was walking up the steps to the Kubert School. I was brought into his office; piles of papers and comics all over. And in one corner was his drawing table. Pens and pencils and rulers lined up next to it. He had to move some drawings out of the way. He showed me pictures of his grand children and called them the latest issue. For two hours he gave me a window into his life and shared a mountain of inspiration with me. A lifetime devoted to telling stories; stories that gave us wonder, hope, and for many of us a dream of finding a place behind a drafting table just as he had.

Many many thanks to Mr. Kubert and condolences to his family for such a giant loss.

Michael Furth

Here is one of the resulting videos from that interview he granted:

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