Over at Bleeding Cool Rich Johnston has scored a video showing off DC’s new initiative. For those who have not heard, DC will be relaunching their titles with new #1 issues, designed to be jumping on points. Many characters are starting from scratch, many have new costumes, and even some old WIldstorm characters are being […]

Launched in 2005 DC’s All Star line of comics gave some of comics top creators free reign with the icons of the DC universe. Chip Kidd was commissioned to create the logo and trade dress. Here he describes the creative process and decisions he made in putting it together.

Chip Kidd has been able to turn a childhood love of comic books in to a career. Here he talks about his early days and exposure to comics.

Chip Kidd, the prolific graphic designer, author and editor, commissioned some one of a kind collections of original artwork from All-Star Superman #10, Batman & Robin #2 and a story from the Japanese Batman comics. Here he shows off the impressive results.

I honestly do not know how these videos came to be, but thankfully they do exist.  Some great simple video work of Dave Gibbons drawing what I believe is a Green Lantern and Travis Charest drawing Superman.