When he was just a lad Tom Pinchuk got a chance to do what many of us only dream of, tour the office of Marvel Comics.  Over at comicvine.com he posts his photos and recounts the highlights of what I am sure many of us are very envious of. Here are a few photos:

I have to admit that I am a big Joe Quesada fan.  Been so for years.  These days he does a lot of his work digitally, that is when he finds time to draw.  Last night on twitter Joe talked shop about some of the specifics of what he does.  What specific tools he uses, […]

Alex Alonso has been working as an editor for some time, and during that tenure he has had a hand in many of my favorite comics.  I am very happy to hear of this promotion to EIC.  What’s interesting is to see that there seems to be a division of labor between himself and Joe […]

Over at the Bendis Boards fans were treated to writer Dan Slott showing off a bit of his finished scripts for various Marvel books. I’ve gotten a number of requests for both sample scripts/plots AND for peeks at dead/killed projects. And who am I to say no to Jinxworld posters? So starting today I thought […]

While I don’t often post about current events, this seems like something a little bit more significant.  The comics market is in a state of flux these days, as retailers and publishers try to defend themselves against a slow economy and incorporate things like digital distribution.  After raising prices of many single issues of their […]