While working on Adventure Comics, penciller Phil Jimenez talks about putting detail into his backgrounds, something he feels enhances his character work. Phil Jimenez Talks about Writers and Backgrounds from The Comic Archive on Vimeo.

While he was working on a page for Adventure Comics Phil Jimenez talks about what tools he uses as well as working with his longtime inker Andy Lanning. Phil Jimenez at his Drawing Table Talking Tools, Inking and Color from The Comic Archive on Vimeo.

Having written comics for over forty years, scripting over a thousand issues, Denny O’Neil has seen his fair share of scripts pass his desk. He talks about the tools he has used over the years and how that has effected his writing process. Denny O’Neil Compares Writing on Typewriters and Computers from The Comic Archive […]

Where you work, the physical space you’re in when you try to create, is for many as important a tool as anything else. Jason Aaron writes about how once he had a room in his house that he could call office, his productivity went through the roof. I wasn’t always so lucky. For the first […]

Bleedingcool.com has a taste of what digital distributors like Comixology and Graphicly are subject to when distributing Marvel comics on their digital storefronts. So you’re a digital comics distributor. How do you get to distribute Marvel comics? Well, there are rules. This is a major brand, one of the biggest in comics. You need to […]