Comixology is one of the biggest retailers of digital comics. Here Co-Founder John D. Roberts talks about the ascension of the company, and of digital comics in general, and how the iPad helped them along.

Comixology is the leading marketplace for digital comic books. Here Co-Founder John D. Roberts talks about how the company got it’s start.

Comixology Co-Founder John D. Roberts spends a lot of his time focused on their Submit program, which allows anyone to get sell comics on their platform. Here he talks about what to expect if you want to use the platform and gives some helpful tips and insights on how best to take advantage of all […]

Comic book editor Janelle Asselin talks about a subject near and dear to her heart, how comic book publishers can and should focus more attention on building out a female readership. How to sell comics to women.

The truth is that there is a perception that all comic book buyers are straight male readers, and that perception, while somewhat true, doesn’t have to be and really shouldn’t. Here Janelle Asselin talks about what we get, and why we need, a diversity of demographics reading comic books.