Bleeding Cool took the time to gather up all the relavent tweets from Marvel’s head honcho, Joe Quesada, who shared in immaculate detail an anniversary cover he drew for Fantastic Four. Here are a few snippets: There is an amazing amount of detail covering how he uses a cintiq to rough out and begin his […]

Last week Joe Quesada stepped down (or rather up) from his role as Editor in Chief to formally become Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer.  The fine folks over at Comic Book Resources talked to Joe about the transition and a little post mortem about his time as EiC. Ever since I started getting more involved with […]

I have to admit that I am a big Joe Quesada fan.  Been so for years.  These days he does a lot of his work digitally, that is when he finds time to draw.  Last night on twitter Joe talked shop about some of the specifics of what he does.  What specific tools he uses, […]