This video makes my heart sing. To advertise the upcoming Toronto Comic Arts Festival they made a video showing off a cornucopia of Canadian creators talking about the tools they use to make their comics. via Robot6

Veteran indy comic book artist Rick Geary describes how he approaches a drawing and what tools he needs to draw with.

Rick Geary has made out a long career out of comic books and graphic novels. ┬áHere he talks about why he’s stuck with it for as long as he has and gives a word or two of advice to anyone thinking about a career drawing comics.

Many comic book artists strive for a personal style and no one has a style that looks anything like veteran artist Rick Geary’s. Here he talks a little about his personal goals as an artist.

Rick Geary’s singular style has been gracing comic book pages since the 70’s. Here he talks about breaking into comics and how his career evolved from there. Artist Rick Geary Describes Starting Out in Comics from The Comic Archive on Vimeo.