Saga continues to be a best seller (because it’s awesome) and part of that is due to the amazing artwork that Fiona Staples brings to the pages. While at MoCCAfest 2014 she talks about her life as a comic book artist.

Comixology is one of the biggest retailers of digital comics. Here Co-Founder John D. Roberts talks about the ascension of the company, and of digital comics in general, and how the iPad helped them along.

Comixology is the leading marketplace for digital comic books. Here Co-Founder John D. Roberts talks about how the company got it’s start.

Unfortunately for a lot of women who want to work in comics there is a weird gender wall that they encounter. Both in terms of getting a job as well as the working environment once they start. Here editor Janelle Asselin talks about some of the challenges in dealing with that environment.

One of my current favorite series is Rocket Girl from writer Brandon Montclare and artist Amy Reeder. And a big part of that is Amy’s super kinetic artwork. On her tumblr she shows the process for creating one of the iconic covers to the series. CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE.