While I can’t say Archie is on the top of my pull list, the character and line of books are undeniably a staple of american comics.  Which is what makes it so nice to see that Archie’s publishers are looking to the future by bringing digital comics forward.  Starting in April the entire line of […]

As digital comics distribution begins to take hold the system can be going through what can most aptly be described as growing pains.  Pricing, content, promotion, these are all being felt out right now and no one system can be said to have everything right.  Over at kotaku.com Stephen Totilo talks about his first experiences […]

IDW isn’t new to the digital comics distribution game, but they are trying to spearhead a slightly new approach by giving some focus to collections rather than single issues sold on their digital apps. From The Comics Alliance: Other than a few notable exceptions, mainly The Walking Dead and Atomic Robo, digital comics generally take […]

With the year drawing to a close it is a fine time to look back at December 2009 and see a distinct lack of digital distribution for comics.  So the fine folks over at The Comics Alliance have taken some time to sit down with DC’s Digital arm, or more specifically Hank Kanalz, Senior Vice […]

DC publishers Jim Lee & Dan Didio talk about how comics are delivered to you and the various strengths and weaknesses of digital and print versions of their books. Click HERE for the video. via Newsarama