The Comics Code Authority, a self imposed guideline for publishing that was a direct reaction to Fredrick Wertham’s “The Seduction of the Innocent” and the media and judicial scrutiny that followed, is seemingly on its way out.  Under Joe Quesada Marvel had stopped using the comics code approval stamp, electing to rate their own books […]

Here is a compilation video of timelapse photography of artists working.  Jill Thompson paints a page of Magic Trixie, Bill Reinhold inks a page of Batman and Doug Klauba paints a Phantom cover.  Not much to say other than I love timelapse footage of artists creating pages.  It makes it seems so easy. via Spidey1955 […]

As digital comics distribution begins to take hold the system can be going through what can most aptly be described as growing pains.  Pricing, content, promotion, these are all being felt out right now and no one system can be said to have everything right.  Over at Stephen Totilo talks about his first experiences […]

While I don’t think you could ever have a complete list as it seems an unspoken challenge for each artist drawing the batmobile to come up with their own design, this infographic does a very nice job of getting a big picture of the changes over time that the car went through. via Created […]

I for one am a fan of everything that happens when Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely get together and make comic books.  So I am very excited to hear about this hard to find early work of theirs coming back into print. From the Vertigo Blog at DC: If you’re a fan of Grant Morrison […]