If you’re reading this, you probably already love comics. But it’s always nice to hear some more reasons why you should love comics. Here Janelle Asselin talks about what keeps her excited about the medium of sequential art.

Unfortunately for a lot of women who want to work in comics there is a weird gender wall that they encounter. Both in terms of getting a job as well as the working environment once they start. Here editor Janelle Asselin talks about some of the challenges in dealing with that environment.

Comic Book Editors are tasked with holding together a comic series and making sure it comes out at all. Often a thankless task (and it shouldn’t be). Janelle Asselin talks about her time working at DC Comics and Marvel/Disney.

The genesis of any character is an interesting story. Here Fearless Dawn creator Steve Mannion talks about coming up with the character.

Reading coming is something that inspires a lot of dedication from the legions of people who read. Fearless Dawn creator Steve Mannion talks about his relationship with the fans of his book.