So this is a continuation of the general discussion of digital comics. Over at the amazing there was a post of a video featuring Pablo Defendini all about letting digital comics customize themselves to fit whatever your particular screen is. It’s a great video and really starts to hint at what comics can be […]

So a post today about other people’s posts. For whatever reason there has been a lot of news today on the digital comics fronts. First over at Engadget there is a story about the increase in tablet ownership. I find this significant because while I personally do not like reading comics on a computer or […]

One of the great comics illustrators out there, P. Craig Russell is raising money through Kickstarter to create a series of educational videos designed to educate and inform. The video below has a sample of what the project will become. The project has a lot of traction but still needs the funds to create the […]

Erik Larsen, who was a founding member of Image Comics, writes and draws Savage Dragon. While at NYCC 2011 he took a few minutes to talk about his career and the tools of the trade.