The great Work in Comics shares a video from YouTube of colorist Brian Haberlin teaching not just how to use photoshop to color comics, but the thinking behind the use of those tools. ┬áIt’s been cultivated from classes he teaches on coloring and is fascinating and a great introduction to the world of digital coloring. […]

Jeff Smith is one of my personal favorites, in particular his work on Bone is at the top of my list of favorite books. So it was a great joy heading over to Scholastic’s site where they have a video of Jeff drawing a portrait of Bone as well as a little visit with colorist […]

Over at BoingBoing they have posted a link to an audio excerpt of a book recounting the Underground Comics surge in San Francisco from 1968-78. Surrealism, adult themes and counter-culture were at the heart of the movement. When they had their fill of time at the drawing board, the cartoonists would wander by the shop […]

No artist remains static through their career. New influences, better mastery of the tools and just plain practice make everyone change over time. Most often for the better. Here Dean Haspiel looks back and describes how his art has changed over the years.

Drawing from a lengthy career in comics, and specifically the times spent hanging out with fellow creators at conventions and comic shows, Bryan Talbot has put together a book of the ups and downs when creators and fans get together for a few days at a go. “Naked Artist”, which Bleeding Cool was kind enough […]