Chip Kidd has been able to turn a childhood love of comic books in to a career. Here he talks about his early days and exposure to comics.

Gene Colan has not been in best of health lately. He has recently undergone surgery and is moving into rehab. To pay for these costs he and his friend Clifford Meth have organized a sale for some original artwork. For anyone who has been a fan of his work I would highly recommend checking out […]

Chip Kidd, the prolific graphic designer, author and editor, commissioned some one of a kind collections of original artwork from All-Star Superman #10, Batman & Robin #2 and a story from the Japanese Batman comics. Here he shows off the impressive results.

This video makes my heart sing. To advertise the upcoming Toronto Comic Arts Festival they made a video showing off a cornucopia of Canadian creators talking about the tools they use to make their comics. via Robot6

Steve Rude talks about the genesis of Nexus and his working relationship with co-creator Mike Baron.