Launched in 2005 DC’s All Star line of comics gave some of comics top creators free reign with the icons of the DC universe. Chip Kidd was commissioned to create the logo and trade dress. Here he describes the creative process and decisions he made in putting it together.

The prolific Chip Kidd talks here about some of the idiosyncrasies of designing comic book covers as well as what it has been like working with the legendary Frank Miller.

While Chip Kidd is perhaps best known for his work as a graphic designer and art director, his personal love of comic books has brought them into his professional life, not to mention on his bookshelf. Here he talks about adding comic book work to his resume and how that even came about.

Comics artist Peter Gross, currently working on “Unwritten” for Vertigo/DC Comics, was visited by Matt Gillmer who spoke to him about his work, how he does it and where he fits in the grand scheme of comic-dom.  A great look into the process behind one of the great comics out there. While the video is […]

The amazing Chip Kidd talks about his decision to pursue graphic design in college and how comic books kept creeping into his life.