While at MoCCA fest 2011 we sat down with “I Kill Giants” artist Jm Ken Niimura about how he approaches his work and what it’s like seeing his work on the shelves.

If you were curious as to how Marvel makes those motion comics, such as “Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers”, then wonder no more.  They have just released an incredibly detailed video cataloging exactly how they do it. Get an all-new look at the third episode of the critically acclaimed Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers animated […]

Over at Dark Horse’s blog they have posted a breakdown of Kevin Nowlan’s process as he draws a cover for “Hellboy: Buster Oakley”.

While Bryan Lee O’Malley may have wrapped up the story of Scott Pilgrim last year, that doesn’t meant that there still aren’t reasons to talk about the series.  On O’Malley’s blog he provides some behind the scenes sketches and layouts for both the end of the series as well as new covers for the Japanese […]

Richard Starkings might have built his reputation through editing Marvel UK then spearheading digital lettering in comics, but these days he spends much of his time devoted to Hip Flask and the Elephantmen, which has been living at Image Comics.  The series has been a consistantly quality book, both on the writing as well as […]