Rich Johnston has been circling comics like a hawk for some time now.  He has been responsible for getting many of us our comic book gossip fix on a weekly basis.  I first started reading Rich’s columns when he was doing weekly installments of Lying in The Gutters for Comic Book Resources and have been […]

There are very few artists as coveted as Frank Quitely.  His simple and unmistakable style is loved by many many fans.  In this video clip he shows off his process of digital roughs on a Cintiq, to analog pencils and back to digital cleanup, bypassing the traditional inking process.  It’s a great watch that is […]

Jim Shooter, who has been instrumental to comics for some time; serving as writer, artist and editor in chief of Marvel from ’78 to ’87; has started a blog devoted to telling stories about his storied career in comics.  There isn’t too much up there yet, but even the small bit that he has posted […]

While I normally don’t post as many press releases this amazing piece of animation was in my inbox from Marvel that I had to pass along.  Based on the Loki miniseries by Robert Rodi and Esad Ribic, the animation looks like it has been lifted straight from the comic book and brought to life.  Not […]

Without commentary on the legal proceedings between Jack Kirby’s family and their quest to terminate copyrights on the creations of Jack Kirby, I have to say that the process is revealing a ton of really interesting facts about working at Marvel in the silver age of comics.  Bleeding Cool has some transcripts of the depositions […]