Veteran indy comic book artist Rick Geary describes how he approaches a drawing and what tools he needs to draw with.

Phil Jimenez, currently working on Adventure Comics for DC, takes some time to talk about his artistic goals, what he brings to the page and “acting” through his characters.

Rick Geary has made out a long career out of comic books and graphic novels. ¬†Here he talks about why he’s stuck with it for as long as he has and gives a word or two of advice to anyone thinking about a career drawing comics.

Many comic book artists strive for a personal style and no one has a style that looks anything like veteran artist Rick Geary’s. Here he talks a little about his personal goals as an artist.

I honestly do not know how these videos came to be, but thankfully they do exist.¬† Some great simple video work of Dave Gibbons drawing what I believe is a Green Lantern and Travis Charest drawing Superman.