Alex Alonso has been working as an editor for some time, and during that tenure he has had a hand in many of my favorite comics.  I am very happy to hear of this promotion to EIC.  What’s interesting is to see that there seems to be a division of labor between himself and Joe […]

I for one am a fan of everything that happens when Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely get together and make comic books.  So I am very excited to hear about this hard to find early work of theirs coming back into print. From the Vertigo Blog at DC: If you’re a fan of Grant Morrison […]

From DC’s blog, The Source: Hey DC Nation! We are pleased to announce the debut of letters pages in all of your favorite DC books. Now you have the chance to ask questions and offer your observations directly to our editors and creators — so write in now and let’s get the conversations going! To […]

Posted on DC’s blog, The Source, Diane Nelson sums up DC’s plans for the new year: Hi, Diane Nelson here with a very special New Year’s greeting to all of the DC Nation. Let me start by saying it’s quite the privilege to be kicking off the new year with this column. Over the last […]

Hope every one has had a wonderful holiday this year.  I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has made this site possible.  From our kickstarter backers, to all the generous people giving some of their time for me to interview them about their craft, to all our readers for whom al this […]