When he was just a lad Tom Pinchuk got a chance to do what many of us only dream of, tour the office of Marvel Comics.  Over at comicvine.com he posts his photos and recounts the highlights of what I am sure many of us are very envious of. Here are a few photos:

I have to admit that I am a big Joe Quesada fan.  Been so for years.  These days he does a lot of his work digitally, that is when he finds time to draw.  Last night on twitter Joe talked shop about some of the specifics of what he does.  What specific tools he uses, […]

While I don’t think you could ever have a complete list as it seems an unspoken challenge for each artist drawing the batmobile to come up with their own design, this infographic does a very nice job of getting a big picture of the changes over time that the car went through. via blastr.com Created […]

Todd Klein is easily one of the great letterers of our time.  Over at bleedingcool.com they point to a post at Todd’s blog that goes into the processes he is going through for the upcoming League of Extraordinary Gentlemen book he is working on. Click HERE for the full post.

While Jim Woodring skirts the edges of “comic book artist”, sometimes drawing strips and sometimes falling under the heading “illustrator”, there is no doubt that he is a master of his craft.  His black and white drawings are absolutely amazing in their detail and imagination.  So I was very excited when I heard about his […]