The folks over at Comics Alliance have been doing a really wonderful job reporting on digital comics distribution.  David Brothers spent some time looking at comicxology’s sales numbers and compared them with print sales figure.  The results are very interesting and show a definite divide between the two areas of comics distribution. A quick glance […]

While I can’t say Archie is on the top of my pull list, the character and line of books are undeniably a staple of american comics.  Which is what makes it so nice to see that Archie’s publishers are looking to the future by bringing digital comics forward.  Starting in April the entire line of […]

Last week Joe Quesada stepped down (or rather up) from his role as Editor in Chief to formally become Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer.  The fine folks over at Comic Book Resources talked to Joe about the transition and a little post mortem about his time as EiC. Ever since I started getting more involved with […]

While New Comics Day will remain on Wednesdays, retailers will now be able to get their shipments of comics the day before, allowing time to prepare their shelves and inventory so Wednesdays can start smoothly for the comics buying crowd.  From Tomorrow is one of the larger changes in the relationship between distributor and […]

As digital comics distribution begins to take hold the system can be going through what can most aptly be described as growing pains.  Pricing, content, promotion, these are all being felt out right now and no one system can be said to have everything right.  Over at Stephen Totilo talks about his first experiences […]