No, Kurt Vonnegut is not professing his love for spiderman here. What he doing though is talking about the all important thing, plot structure. All you writers should pay attention. This was a part of a larger talk which can be read here. via

One of the things I love about the new 52 relaunch at DC is the inclusion and updating of many of my favorite Wildstorm characters. Voodoo is one of them. Over at Comic Book Resources artist Sami Basri has shared a breakdown of some of his pages for the upcoming book. The results area amazing […]

As you go through The Comic Archives you’ll hear many a penciller say that the hardest part of their job is laying out a page. They put all their energy into figuring out the most effective way to tell a story in individual pictures that work together to communicate an action. The fine folks over […]

While the focus of this site is mainly on what is already being used to create comic books, I couldn’t help myself from posting this news about a gadget from Wacom, makers of wonderful pen tablets like the Intuos and the Cintiq, which is all the rage with digital artists. Their new product works with […]

The gentleman of gentlemen CB Cebulski, who spends his time with Marvel finding the best talent out there, tells a few secrets of the trade on working in comics. Also he really is a super nice guy. Really. via Work in Comics