While at the Boston Comic Con Mr. Dante Luna took the opportunity to interview legends Frank Quitely, Adam Hughes, Art Adams and Joe Kubert about working in comics. Breaking in and what it’s like once you are in. Well worth the watch. via YouTube

So this is a continuation of the general discussion of digital comics. Over at the amazing boingboing.net there was a post of a video featuring Pablo Defendini all about letting digital comics customize themselves to fit whatever your particular screen is. It’s a great video and really starts to hint at what comics can be […]

So a post today about other people’s posts. For whatever reason there has been a lot of news today on the digital comics fronts. First over at Engadget there is a story about the increase in tablet ownership. I find this significant because while I personally do not like reading comics on a computer or […]

One of the great comics illustrators out there, P. Craig Russell is raising money through Kickstarter to create a series of educational videos designed to educate and inform. The video below has a sample of what the project will become. The project has a lot of traction but still needs the funds to create the […]

In a little bit of an experiment for The Comic Archive I present to you a teaser trailer for Dean Haspiel and Tim Hall‘s upcoming story, “The Last Mortician”. You’ll be able to read the story this October on tor.com and there will be a behind the scenes featurette here on The Comic Archive shortly […]