Cameron Stewart and Karl Kerschl have been working hard on the upcoming Assassin’s Creed comic and to do so have employed a very unique collaboration process during its creation.  While working digitally the two artists will swap files back and forth on an entirely digital work flow.  The video below (courtesy of Comics Alliance) also […]

Our pals over at The Comics Reporter have found a great article going through some of the legendary covers that Jim Steranko make, sometimes including scans of the uncolored original pages. click here

Comics letterer Jim Campbell has started blogging about the process of lettering, providing a large amount of exceedingly useful tips and tricks for those looking to start lettering digitally. click here

Our friends at The Comics Alliance have found some great video of Thor artist Chris Samnee doing some pinups. He draws Batman and Swamp Thing in glorious time-lapse.  Click through for the videos.