Dan Hipp, the incredibly talented artist of The Amazing Joy Buzzards can be had for free this weekend. Hop over HERE to read his revenge series Gyakushu for free online until the clock strikes November.

Blambot is one of a few font designers that specialize in comic book lettering. Here Nick Piekos breaks down many of the common lettering conventions in comics, laying them all out for easy consumption. Click HERE

Bryan Hitch, while promoting his new “how to draw comics” book, has posted a series of short videos giving hints at what is inside. I have yet to get the book (will post a review as soon as I can get my hands on a copy) but these short films are great fun. Here is […]

Well if you have a Roku box that is. Just a reminder that all The Comic Archive’s videos are available through vimeo which means that if you have a media streamer with access to vimeo then you are all set.  Just search for The Comic Archive and you will find all our videos available in […]

Sometimes there just isn’t a hardcover available of the books you like.  Sometimes you just want to take and put a particular run on a book together.  Whatever the reason many fans have taken to making special hardcovers of their own design.  Over on Facebook you will find a collection of really amazing custom made […]