I think all the best villains articulate something, stand for something. The Joker: chaos unleashed. Lex Luthor: concern for the big things means losing sight of the small. They’re often one trait of a balanced mind magnified to the point of unbalance. They’re also often children’s fantasies of lives lived without acknowledging civilisation’s limits. (It’s […]

Frazer Irving has been one of the rotating lineup of all star artists working on Batman & Robin.  On his blog he broke down a cover image from start to finish.  Alternate concepts, tweaks and all.

DC publishers Jim Lee & Dan Didio talk about how comics are delivered to you and the various strengths and weaknesses of digital and print versions of their books. Click HERE for the video. via Newsarama

Over at the DC blogs they posted about how the process went down for creating and designing the logo for the new “Batman & Robin” series that Grant Morrison has been penning.  A fascinating peak behind the curtain. Click HERE to read the whole story.

Who doesn’t love Jim Lee’s artwork? Not many according to Titan Books who are releasing a coffee table books featuring an in depth look at his process. Click on the link below to see more images from the book courtesy of ComicsAlliance. Click HERE.