Comic book inker Marc Deering spills the beans on what got him into inking comic books and how he does what he does. Interview with Comics Inker Marc Deering from The Comic Archive on Vimeo.

Richard Starkings has changed the face of comics, shepherding in the age of digital comic book lettering in the 90’s. Here he talks with us about digital lettering, writing Elephantmen at Image Comics and his history in comic books. Interview with Comics Letterer/Writer Richard Starkings from The Comic Archive on Vimeo.

Founded in 1976 The Kubert School of Cartoon & Graphic Art has been teaching artists to become professional comic book artists with great success. Here Joe talks about the genesis of the school and how it came to be. Joe Kubert talks about his School of Cartoon & Graphic Art from The Comic Archive on […]

Joe Kubert has been drawing comics for a living non-stop since he was 12 years old. Here he talks about his process and how he approaches his job. A must see for anyone involved in making comics and anyone with even a cursory interest. Comics Legend Joe Kubert Talks About His Process from The Comic […]

Comics legend Joe Kubert sits down to talk about his long career making comic books. He talks about his tools of the trade, how he got started and tells all sorts of stories from the business. Interview with Legendary Comics Artist Joe Kubert from The Comic Archive on Vimeo.