Rick Geary has made out a long career out of comic books and graphic novels.  Here he talks about why he’s stuck with it for as long as he has and gives a word or two of advice to anyone thinking about a career drawing comics.

Many comic book artists strive for a personal style and no one has a style that looks anything like veteran artist Rick Geary’s. Here he talks a little about his personal goals as an artist.

Rich Johnston has been circling comics like a hawk for some time now.  He has been responsible for getting many of us our comic book gossip fix on a weekly basis.  I first started reading Rich’s columns when he was doing weekly installments of Lying in The Gutters for Comic Book Resources and have been […]

Creative people have a tough challenge before them, as inspiration can hit them at all hours.  Here artist Phil Jimenez talks about his work schedule and balancing that with a social life. Artist Phil Jimenez Talks About Work Schedules from The Comic Archive on Vimeo.

Micah Baldwin leads Graphic.ly, which finds itself as one of the key players in digital comics.  With apps online, on iOS devices and Android and content from many of the key publishers Graphic.ly aims to set itself apart from the pack by integrating social media and the shared community of comics readers into digital comics.  […]