Every comic book artist uses a slightly different set of tools that play to their strengths and sensibilities as an artist. Here writer/artist Dean Haspiel talks about the evolution over the years of the tools that he uses to create his comics. (note: I believe this is the Kuretake brush pen that Dean uses but […]

The first time you “break into” comics and get to see your work printed is the culmination of a ton of hard work and determination. Here writer/artist Dean Haspiel talks about what is was like for him.

The life of a freelance comic book illustrator is very atypical compared with the rest of the jobs out there. Here writer/artist Dean Haspiel talks about what it’s like working in the comics industry.

Want to watch an artist do their thing? Well here is Dean Haspiel showing off his skills inking a panel from his upcoming work, “The Last Mortician”.

Sitting at his drawing table writer/artist Dean Haspiel walks us through all the steps and thinking behind his creative process. Showing off some work on his upcoming webcomic, “The Last Mortician”, he shares thumbnails, character design and ultimately some uninked pages.