“Starborn” and Charismagic” artist Khary Randolph shows off his work studio, what he keeps close at hand while creating his artwork.

While working on a page for Boom Studios “Starborn” artist Phary Randolph describes a normal day in the life of a comic book artist. All while showing off his tools of the trade and a bit of his artistic process.

These days many pencillers are opting for “digital inks”, where their pencil pages are scanned directly and darkened in a program like Photoshop to replicate the look of traditional inks.  For Boom Studios “Starborn” artist Khary Randolph uses this process to speed up his process as well as maintain control over his image.  Here he […]

Artist Khary Randolph lets us in on his hybrid digital process, which combines the best of both worlds using both a wacom cintiq and regular old fashioned pencil and paper.

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