Even when I ask an editor what their job is I never get the same response twice.  Here writer Jason Aaron talks about his experiences with editors and what he sees as their job. From CBR: Good question, Jared, and the answer really depends on what sort of company you’re working with and what sort […]

While I don’t often post about current events, this seems like something a little bit more significant.  The comics market is in a state of flux these days, as retailers and publishers try to defend themselves against a slow economy and incorporate things like digital distribution.  After raising prices of many single issues of their […]

The great people over at The Comics Alliance have posted a video from the far off land of 1981.  It’s a BBC documentary about Superman in all his glory.

via The Comics Alliance: Though he wasn’t the first person to use it, legendary comics creator Will Eisner is credited with popularizing the term “graphic novel” to describe the long-form comic book story. As the story goes — or at least, as it’s often repeated in Eisner biographies like Bob Andelman’s A Spirited Life and […]

This morning Paul Levitz stopped by the studio to appear on NPR’s “On Point” to talk about comics history and to promote his new book “75 Years of DC Comics”.  A very interesting listen as callers ask questions ranging from Marvel vs DC to comics as modern myth.  The program should be up momentarily and […]