Here’s a little POV camera of Phil Jimenez, penciller of Wonder Woman, Infinite Crisis, Amazing Spiderman and too many other great books to list, working on a page for DC’s Adventure Comics. The video is ever so slightly NSFW as Phil has an anatomy book open on his drawing table. Phil Jimenez Draws a Page […]

io9 has a wonderful article about the CBDLF, an organization dedicated to defending first amendment rights (among other things) for comics and cartoonists.  Pope has created a limited edition print for fundraising for the CBLDF and here in this video explains not only why he is doing it but a little bit about how. What’s […]

It’s crazy how fast 20 years can go by.  That’s how long Wizard magazine lasted in its print form.  I have very fond memories of the magazine, I started reading it with issue 13 and was a very regular reader for many years.  As of late I did not read it, and apparently neither did […]

Boing Boing has a nice send summary of the last breath of the Comics Code, as Archie Comics, the last publisher to still use the seal, has announced that they are dropping it.  This of course follows DC Comics’ decision to do the same in favor of their own ratings system.  From BoingBoing: 57 years […]

Golden Age comics are hard to come by, but you can bid on copies of Superman 1, 2 and 3 which are going up for auction right now.  From BleedingCool: It’s not often that copies of Superman #1, #2 and #3 come onto the market. It’s even less often that they come on all at […]