Richard Starkings might have built his reputation through editing Marvel UK then spearheading digital lettering in comics, but these days he spends much of his time devoted to Hip Flask and the Elephantmen, which has been living at Image Comics.  The series has been a consistantly quality book, both on the writing as well as the artwork.  And coming out next week (April 13th to be exact) is “Elephantmen: Cover Stories”.

This book showcases the jaw-dropping artwork that adorned the early issues of Elephantmen.  And while I have appreciated many books collecting covers in the past I really appreciate the time and care that Starkings and company have put into this book, adding layout sketches and works in progress along with the final images, themselves gorgeous works of art.

The artwork is that of Ladronn and Boo Cook, two exceptionally talented artists.  The commentary from each of them is a great peak behind the curtain at the creative process that goes into composing and executing an iconic cover image.


“Elephantmen: Cover Stories #1″ from Image Comics

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