The work of french artist Moebius (real name Jean Giraud) is a treasure of sequential art and illustration.  At a recent visit to the US to speak at the Creative Talent Network Animation Expo the LA Times was able to sit down with Giraud and talk about his life and his work.  Here is a short except:

“I started in 1957 when I sold my first story to a magazine,” he said. “It’s impossible to count how many stories I did, how many pages. But there have not been very many characters. I have just six, you know, and a lot of it started with Blueberry.”

The western still holds a special place in the heart of Giraud — he could barely, for instance, contain his excitement about the release of the Coen brothers film “True Grit” — and in his native country the long, lonesome ride of Lt. Blueberry is regarded by many as the defining work. But while the realistic frontier tales gave him a compelling storytelling outlet, his imagination was restless to explore strange new vistas. That led to the 1960s adoption of the pen-name Moebius (as well as a third identity, Gir).

“In the beginning I had two different levels,” Giraud said. “To be an artist in comics because it was my dream as a teenager and when I was 7, 8, 10. I was such a fan. I committed already to drawing. The comics were not only stories to enjoy for me they were drawings that possessed me. I saw very early on the difference with my friends. They were using comics like a book but to me I saw a drawing exposition. The purpose was different for us, the experience was not the same.  The second level for me, another side  – which would maybe be my Moebius face – was the other wonderful art I was discovering with a lot of appetite. The expression of art as something bigger than life, bigger than anything. There was something very mysterious about that and beautiful. It was a kind of heaven with Picasso and everybody at the same table. I wanted to be part of that. For me it was a feast through the ages. Timeless.”

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