Today the first issue of Nonplayer hits stands.  I don’t remember this much buzz surrounding a comic from a fresh creator in some time.  Joe Keatinge at iFanboy takes some substantial time with Nate Simpson to talk about his rise to fame and how the book has affected his life.  It’s a great read and I highly recommend clicking through to read the interview in its entirety.  Here’s an excerpt:

JK: How did the Quitely moment start off? I only saw you two talking halfway into your conversation.

NS: Ales Kot, an up-and-coming comics author, got a kick out of hunting down high profile creators he happened to know and would bring them over to the table. I later found out he tried to the same thing with Mike Mignola, but he wasn’t biting. Ales did bring Quitely over and intentionally brought him over to see how I’d react to Quitely as an anonymous individual. The set up worked very well; I was very surprised.

JK: What was Quitely saying at first?

NS: I’m sure I’ve mutated it in my memory, but the earliest thing I remember was him saying something complimentary about the posters and then going down a different road about different tools we use. I was telling him about IllustStudio and some of the cool function you could do, which he compared to MangaStudio. I just thought he was an enthusiast asking technical questions, but I started to sense the questions were the sort someone would be asking if they were a professional comic book artist.

Wasn’t it you who alerted me to his identity?

JK: I think I pointed out his name-tag was turned around.

NS: You did nudge me towards asking me who he was, the the moment of me just sort of staring. He was such a gentlemen too. I would like to hang out with Frank Quitely again sometime. He seemed like a fun guy.

JK: You mentioned at WonderCon there were four specific creators who really influenced you and you’ve now heard from three of them. Darrow was one of them, right? Moebius was another?

NS: Right. So, I’ve met Darrow and gave him a comic at WonderCon. Then William Stout was the second one and also met then gave him a comic at WonderCon. He invited me to stop by his Sunday figure drawing get together next time I’m in Los Angeles, which is awesome.

Moebius was through my French avatar, Joe Keatinge, and he got a copy of the comic through that meeting. The fourth person would be Arthur Rackum, whose been dead for forty years, so I could probably plant a copy of the comic at his grave.

Click HERE for the full interview.

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