Over at his blog master letterer and graphic designer Todd Klein shares another of his amazing logo studies. This time is focuses on his commission to create a logo for a relaunch of Ka-Zar for Marvel Comics back in the 90’s. Here are some excerpts:

In 1996 I was asked by then Marvel editor Matt Idelson to submit designs for a new Ka-Zar ongoing series by writer Mark Waid and artist Andy Kubert, one which I’d also be lettering. I always liked the character when he appeared in the X-Men books, even though he’s similar to Tarzan (or maybe because of that), and I was happy to get the assignment. All the logo ideas I submitted were done on my Apple computer. These two started with a block-letter font I designed, adding a gray outline above and bevelled facets below, inside a heavy black outline to pull the letters together. Version 2 tilted the letters a little, with the top tilted away, and added a telescoping drop shadow, open for color.


In any case, I thought of some jungle comics logos or story titles I’d seen in the past where the ends of the strokes were jagged like broken wood, like this one from 1955:


and I took that approach as a starting point for this version. One problem was that the two A forms left a lot of room at the top, so I extended the top stroke of the Z to fill that space, tucking the hyphen in the opening below it, which kept the letters as close together as possible. A thick outline added strength and readability, and an open drop shadow would make a place for a second color, and help pop the logo off the cover art.

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