The fine folks at Sequart Research & Literacy Organization are raising money through (the very same organization that birthed The Comic Archive) to fund a new documentary exploring the infamous Frederic Wertham, known to comics readers as the author of “Seduction of the Innocent”. For those unfamiliar with Dr. Wertham and his book, in the 1950’s Dr. Wertham tried to link comic books with juvenile delinquency which lead to a witch hunt and a decimation of the comic book industry.

Typically cast as a villian by the comic book industry, this documentary aims to explore the reasoning behind Dr. Wertham’s actions, which while with hindsight seem ludicrous were most certainly well intentioned.

Wertham was himself a contradiction. Although forever linked with artistic repression, he was a social crusader whose writings on the damaging effects of segregation were used as evidence in the landmark 1954 Brown v. Board of Education ruling. Although forever linked to the Comics Code, he claimed to be against censorship. Wertham developed his theories about comics while caring for juvenile delinquents, which biased his analysis by ignoring healthy juveniles who read comics — a fact that has caused his case to be often used as a negative example in statistical analysis. But his theories about comics, highlighting Wonder Woman’s themes of lesbianism and bondage, claims of Batman and Robin’s homosexuality, and the excesses of the era’s crime comics, had a lasting impact on the medium.

The filmmakers are raising funds on right now and are getting close to their goal of $6,000. To support this film click HERE to donate.

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