Kevin Nowlan is an artist whose work inspires and terrifies at the same time. I always think “how did he do that?” He’s back drawing interiors for the upcoming Hellboy: Buster Oakley Gets His Wish. I for one cannot wait for this. Over at Newsarama they sat down with the famed artist to talk about this new project and he spilled a few beans on the creative process for this one.  Here’s an excerpt:

Newsarama: I read an interview with Mike Mignola where he described how he asked you to do this book. What made it a project you wanted to do, Kevin?

Kevin Nowlan: We were sitting around talking after a convention in Birmingham, England and he started telling me about the story he had in mind. It’s always fun listening to Mike tell a story.

Sometimes, when a writer describes a plot to me, I sit there and fret about how hard it’ll be to work out all those drawing problems. A writer can describe things in three words that’ll take an artist a week to draw. But Mike’s stories seem to be “artist-friendly”. He mentioned several of the main plot points and I thought about how much fun it would be to draw.

Nrama: How much exactly did Mike give you to work with before you went off drawing the book?

Nowlan: He gave me a detailed plot. It was broken down page by page, panel by panel. He described the layouts and had some sample dialog. It wasn’t a Stan Lee plot.

Nrama: What was it like for you to be able to work in Marvel style, breaking down the page descriptions into panels on your own?

Nowlan:I loved it! It might be hard for me to go back to working from a full script now.

Click HERE for the full interview.

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