Comixology, one of the prominent figures in digital comics distribution, is expanding their reach, so that brick & mortar comics retailers can utilize comixology’s digital comics.  Retailers will be able to add a digital component to their websites that feeds to comixology, allowing traditional local comic shops to take advantage of the digital distribution dollars.  From Comics Alliance:

Popular digital comics retailer comiXology today announced a new initiative whereby traditional direct market retailers — which is to say, your local comic book stores — can plug in comiXology’s digital infrastructure, inventory and reader to sell digital comics on their own websites. Called the Digital Storefront Affiliate program, the Amazon-like scheme appears to offer brick-and-mortar retailers a way to sell their customers digital comics without going to comiXology or a competing digital retailer directly, while also increasing the ubiquity of the comiXology brand. has enjoyed a lot of success by offering business and individuals a way to embed an Amazon-style store in their websites through which any number of products can be purchased, including inventory from Amazon itself, all without directing users to other websites or creating the appearance of a middleman. The comiXology Digital Storefront Affiliate program appears to operate similarly.

From the press release:
The comiXology Digital Storefront Affiliate program offers retailers the opportunity to tap into comiXology’s vibrant digital marketplace with a simple integration into their existing site. These retailers will be able to offer their customers access to comiXology’s library of digital comics and integrated reader from participating publishers. Consumers will now be able to purchase digital comics online from their local comic store’s digital storefront for the first time. All digital purchases will also be compatible with the Comics by comiXology platform, providing fans the ability to enjoy their comics on their mobile devices and on the Web at their retailer’s websites by way of cross-platform synchronization.
For the full article with press clippings click HERE.

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