io9 has a wonderful article about the CBDLF, an organization dedicated to defending first amendment rights (among other things) for comics and cartoonists.  Pope has created a limited edition print for fundraising for the CBLDF and here in this video explains not only why he is doing it but a little bit about how.

What’s the history of the CBLDF?

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund protects the First Amendment rights of the comic book art form. We fight unconstitutional laws that would affect the ability for people to read, make or sell comics, and we defend cases in court where individuals are being prosecuted because of the content of their comics.

The CBLDF was started in 1986 to raise money for an appeal of a case in Lansing, Illinois where a retailer was convicted of distributing obscene material for selling adult comics to an undercover police officer. By contemporary standards, the underground and alternative comics that were targeted in that case weren’t much different from what you’d see in any mature readers section today, but at the time comics were regarded as a kids medium, and comics that strayed from that perception were targets for prosecution. We won the appeal and went on to fight a generation of cases that ensured that comics could continue to grow and address a wider range of subjects for a wider range of audiences.

Read the full article HERE.

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