It’s crazy how fast 20 years can go by.  That’s how long Wizard magazine lasted in its print form.  I have very fond memories of the magazine, I started reading it with issue 13 and was a very regular reader for many years.  As of late I did not read it, and apparently neither did many others, because the print version is closed for business.  From BleedingCool:

Created by Gareb Shamus and Stephen Shamus in 1991, the magazine carved a niche for itself covering the most commercial comics in the most aggressive fashion. At one point it regularly sold more than the comics it covered. But sales have declined of late, as the internet has grown in prominence and favour for this kind of news. For many Wizard is no longer the news breaker and agenda setter of the comics industry it once was. And people still have issues with the tone it has taken over the years. Even though it’s arguable that the last couple of years have seen some of the best Wizard content since it started.

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